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CRISIL Economy First Cut - Trade: Deficit narrows as imports fall steeply Download
CRISIL Economy First Cut - Trade: CAD to remain low in Q3 FY14 Download
CRISIL Insights- Divergent growth trends seen Download
CRISIL Economy First Cut- GDP: Fragile recovery from a deep trough Download
CRISIL Research- Quarterly Update of Industry Performance Download
CRISIL Insight- India Economic Forecast Download
CRISIL Economy First Cut - Inflation cheers, industry still in tears Download
CRISIL Insights- View of the month: Growth to print higher in 2014-15 Download
CRISIL IERIndependentEquityResearch - Select polymer products companies offer opportunity for shareholder value creation Download
CRISIL EconomyFirstCut - Trade : Exports Jump ,imports plunge Download
CRISIL Insights - Expected Loss Based Provisioning Download
CRISIL EconomyFirstCut - GDP : U - Shaped Recovery or L-Shaped trajectory? Download
CRISIL Insights - Slowing domestic demand impacts services growth Download
CRISIL MonetoryPolicyReview Download
CRISIL Insights - Slight Improvment, but stumbling blocks persist Download
CRISIL Insights - Indias GDP forecast for FY13 reduced to 5.5% Download
CRISIL RatingsRoundup - Credit quality pressures likely to ease for corporate India Download
CRISIL EconomyFirstCut - Inflation to rise defying weak demand Download
CRISIL Opinion - Rising cane costs to crush profitability of sugar mills Download
CRISIL EconomyFirstCut - Trade : Import growth high , but shows signs of easing Download
CRISIL EconomyFirstCut - BoP : A transient respite on the current account Download
CRISIL INSIGHTS - Can rupee swim against the tide? Download
CRISIL FUND INSIGHTS - Monthly funds newsletter from CRISIL Research Download
CRISIL EquityInsight - Strong fundamentals generate healthy returns Download
CRISIL EconomyFirstCut - Widening gap between CCII and non-food manufacturing inflation Download
CRISIL Web-conference : Converging Global Cross-Asset Correlation - Key Investment Implications Download
CRISIL EconomyFirstCut - IIP : Industrial growth weak and concentrated Download
CRISIL EconomyFirstCut - Inflation : Ruppe emerges as upside risk to inflation Download
CRISIL Insights - Global economy struggle for growth Download
CRISIL EconomyFirstCut - Inflation : A brief respite or a long-lasting releife? Download
CRISIL EconomyFirstCut - GDP : Weak Inputs, Weak Output Download
CRISIL EconomyFirstCut - GAP between CCII and non-food manufacturing inflation widens Download
CRISIL Insights - Global Growth outlook remains mixed Download
CRISIL EconomyFirstCut - Trade : Trade deficit falls to its lowest since June 2012 Download
CRISIL EconomyFirstCut - IIP : Capital goods still in red, but consumer non-durable hold up Download
CRISIL EconomyFirstCut - CCII falls below 5 per cent for the first time in 9 month Download
CRISIL EconomyFirstCut - Chill in demand cools inflation Download
CRISIL EconomyFirstCut - IIP: Assured fuel availability critical for industrial turnaround Download
CRISIL Monetary Policy Review - Will the rate cut oil the squeaky wheel? Download
CRISIL Monetary Policy Review - RBI`s balancing act only gets tougher Download
CRISIL EconomyFirstCut - IIP:Consumer goods output shrinks as household demand weakens Download
Big Datas Big Imapct on Business Download
CRISIL Insights - Global Growth uncertain as eurozone looks shaky Download
CRISIL Insights - Growth in Q4 remains muted.US expected to do better.UK GDP likely to stay flat in 2013 Download
CRISIL Insights - Emerging Markets Will see robust inflows in 2013 Download
CRISIL Insights - View of the month:India to grow at 6.7 per cent in 2013-14 Download
CRISIL EconomyFirstCut - BoP Download
CRISIL BudgetAnalysis 2013-2014 Download
CRISIL Opinion - Platform sharing helps carmakers spread costs, compete better Download
CRISIL EconomyFirstCut - Inflation: Falling core reaffirms Weakening demand-side pressure Download
CRISIL Insights - Access to infrastructure,not affordability, determines rural spending on consumer durables Download
CRISIL EconomyFirstCut - Easing core inflation creates room for rate cut Download
CRISIL Insights -Receding recession risks in the US and euro zone offer some hope Download
CRISIL URBAN SCAN - A Newsletter from CRISIL Infrastructure Advisory Download
CRISIL EconomyFirstCut - IIP: Consumption revival to raise industrial growth in 2013-14 Download
CRISIL EconomyFirstCut - Trade: Exports likely to recover in 2013-14 Download
CRISIL Insight - India to see a consumption-led recovery in 2013-14 Download
CRISIL Insights - China remains in slowdown mode in Q3 Download
CRISIL Monetary Policy Review Download
CRISIL Insights - IMF lowers global growth projections Download
CRISIL Independent Equity Research - Dhunseri Petrochem Download
CRISIL Independent Equity Research - Kanpur Download
IIP: Aided by low base, IIP in October grew at its fastest pace in a year Download
GDP: Industry keeps overall GDP growth weak at 5.3 per cent Download

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