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CHIMEI Corporation Completes Carbon Footprint Verification for Its Entire Plastic and Rubber Product Lines

23 Dec 2022

CHIMEI Corporation, a world-leading performance material company, recently announced its completion of carbon footprint verification for its entire plastic and rubber product lines, marking a significant step towards its “Net Zero by 2050” goals. The comprehensive verification process was carried out in accordance with the ISO 14067 “Carbon footprint of products” standards and Plastics in Primary Forms Category Rules under the Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) method. Greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions from various manufacturing processes were disclosed, including raw material manufacturing, transportation, and processing. Results were validated for accuracy by DNV, a Norway-based third-party validator, as supported by the relevant data and documentation. A product carbon footprint certificate was issued to the company afterwards.

The certification covers the entirety of CHIMEI’s plastic and rubber product lines, including its ABS, AS, PMMA, PC, PS, MS, rubber, LGP, and post-consumer recycled plastic lines. By collecting energy consumption information from its manufacturing and transportation activities, the company is able to make its carbon emissions data more transparent for each production stage. Furthermore, CHIMEI is strengthening its personnel training to improve its analyzation of carbon emissions ratios from its material inputs, consolidate its GHG inventory and the associated environmental impact throughout the product lifecycle, and set carbon reduction goals so as to give way for better production processes, new manufacturing technologies, and fine-tuned procurement strategies. Its ultimate goal is to maximize the benefits of low carbon emissions products.

With an eye to a lower carbon footprint, CHIMEI is actively promoting its Supply Chain Carbon Reduction Initiatives by working with its suppliers and clients to extend their influence. In keeping with the ISO 20400 “Sustainable procurement” standards, CHIMEI is constructing a unique green supply chain to provide clients with high-performance products and solutions that are green, eco-friendly, and low in carbon footprint.

In line with its “Clean & Green” pledge, CHIMEI has always stayed ahead of carbon reduction issues. It has proposed a variety of sustainable materials and solutions that are highly functional while low in carbon emissions thank to its ingenious design product design process. The company is showing the world its determination to reach net zero by 2050 with tangible actions. In the future, CHIMEI will continue to contribute to the making of a sustainable environment through value chain collaborations and exchanges, as well as sustainable benefits of high-performance materials.

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