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Articles by Platts
Palmed Off - The U.S. has rejected palm oil as an acceptable raw input to produce biodiesel and renewable diesel, which has sent shockwaves through Southeast Asia, the region where much of the oil is exported. So what next for the feedstock?
Iran and the Limits of Creativity - Platts staff from Europe, the Middle East and Asia reports what industry sources are saying about how Iran plans to do business when the U.S. and European oil sanctions take hold this summer
Rubber on a Roll - Synthetic rubber producers are gearing up to meet growing demand from the car and tire markets, while natural rubber seems to be keeping up with demand
Shale Gas Tug of War - As two pipelines lead natural gas liquids from the Marcellus shale formation to the U.S. Gulf Coast and Canada, many wonder whether there will be sufficient supply to feed a new ethane cracker in the region
Guessing Games - The dawn of shale gas and the cost-effective raw input advantages it provides could prove to be a big boon for petrochemicals industry. But many industry players are finding that planning on shale gas provides more questions than answers
China’s Building Blues - This feature examines how declining housing prices in China are impacting national and global petrochemicals markets. Many petrochemicals play key roles in building pipes, roofing and other infrastructure components
Japan, One Year Later - This article looks at Japan’s petrochemical sector one year after it was devastated by a record-breaking earthquake and tsunami in March 2011
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