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Event List

Name Country
Name of the Event Plastics & Packaging Cebu
Type Trade Fair
Country Philippines
Products Vendors from all across the globe will gather here in Plastics & Packaging Cebu and showcase a wide range of products and services such as Plastics & Rubber, Packaging, Processing & Refrigerating, Equipment, Technology, Materials, Accessories, Supplies, and Services.
Organisers Global-Link MP Events International Inc.
Duration 29th Jun 2017  - 1st Jul 2017

Name of the Event 6th PLASTASIA-2017
Type Trade Fair
Country India
Products 6th PLASTASIA-2017 in its sixth edition will showcase the latest technology and machineries used in manufacturing of plastics and petrochemicals with participation from different parts of the world. This event will be an excellent platform for exhibitors to publicise and display their products, innovation and services, build brand image and develop leadership in market position in the global areas.
Organisers Triune Exhibitors PVT. Ltd.
Duration 8th Jul 2017  - 11th Jul 2017

Name of the Event Plasti&Pack Pakistan
Type Trade Fair
Country Pakistan
Products The exhibitors gathering here in the event will showcase a wide range of products and services like raw materials, chemicals and auxiliaries, machines and equipments for pre processing and recycling, machinery and plant for processing, post processing machine & many more related products and services.
Organisers Pegasus Consultancy Private Limited
Duration 1st Aug 2017  - 3rd Aug 2017

Name of the Event Srilanka Plast 2017
Type Trade Fair
Country Sri Lanka
Products SRILANKA PLAST 2015 will include Raw Material, Polymer and Resins, Intermediates, Blends and Alloys, Composites, Specialty Chemicals, Masterbatches, Additives, Colourants, Fillers and Reinforcements from more than 500 participants. A large number of Processing Machineries will also be on display such as those used for Extrusion and Molding. Converting Equipments required for Printing, Decorating, Slitting and rewinding, Laminating, Bag and Pouch making will also take up quite a bit of space at the display stands. Ancillary Equipments like Surface treaters, dryers, scrap grinders, mixers, conveyers and material loaders as well as Moulds and Dies, Recylcing plants and auxiliaries, Testing equipment and Software solutions will also be a part of the exhibits at the event.
Organisers Enterprising Fairs (India) Pvt Ltd and KMG Business Technology
Duration 3rd Aug 2017  - 5th Aug 2017

Name of the Event China Plastics Industry Exhibition 2017
Type Exhibition
Country China
Products Exhibitors include Constructors, manufacturers, suppliers of machinery & equipments for plastic & rubber industry, Producers, suppliers of raw materials, Manufacturers and processors of plastic materials, Institutions & information agencies.
Organisers Jinnoc International Expo Co. Ltd.
Duration 3rd Aug 2017  - 5th Aug 2017

Name of the Event PPP Tanzania 2017
Type Trade Fair
Country Tanzania, United Republic Of
Products This event showcases product from Plastic & Plastic Products industry. This event showcases products like Plastics, Packaging, Rubber, Printing, Plastics resins,Trimming Machines, Vacuum Machine, Compounding etc. in the Plastic & Plastic Products industry.
Organisers Expogroup Worldwide
Duration 22nd Aug 2017  - 24th Aug 2017

Name of the Event Complast 2017
Type Exhibition
Country South Africa
Products This event showcases products like Plastic products, technology & machinery, plastic processing, packaging products & machinery and much more etc. in the Plastic & Plastic Products industry.
Organisers K and D Communication Limited
Duration 24th Aug 2017  - 26th Aug 2017

Name of the Event Cambodia International Plastics, Rubber fair
Type Trade Fair
Country Cambodia
Products CamboPlas will be exhibited by nothing less 150 international participants from 14 countries who will display a wide spectrum of products and equipments related to Preprocessing, Injection and blow moulding, Recycling, Semi finished products and technical parts, Rubber and Synthetic Fibre, Adhesives, Fillers, Extruders and extrusion lines, Coating compounds, Additives, Finishing, decorating, printing and marking, Presses, Measuring, control and test equipment, Auxiliary and Ancillary equipment, Moulds and dies, Welding, Parts and components, Foam, reactive or reinforce resins, Foams and intermediates, Post processing machines, Starting materials and intermediates, Thermoplastics and Thermoplastic elastomers.
Organisers Yorkers Trade & Marketing Service Co. Ltd.
Duration 26th Aug 2017  - 29th Aug 2017

Name of the Event ASIA Plastics Processing Technology & Innovative Materials Summit
Type Conference
Country Indonesia
Products The event gathers industry experts and professionals from the region in one venue where they can mingle, exchange ideas and expand their network and contacts.
Organisers Ringier Trade Media Ltd
Duration 6th Sep 2017  - 7th Sep 2017

Name of the Event New & Next Plastic Exhibition
Type Trade Fair
Country Japan
Products Top class exhibitors will gather here to showcase a wide range of products and services such as filler, fiber, bottle, tube of plastics, advancing materials, biodegradable plastics and many more.
Organisers ATEX Co., Ltd.
Duration 13th Sep 2017  - 15th Sep 2017


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