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There’s No Substitute for Jomar in Injection Blow Moulding Machines

Could you tell us a little about Jomar?

Jomar is the world’s leading manufacturer of injection blow molding machinery for the pharmaceutical, health care, personal care, beauty, food, beverage and household products markets. Some of the world’s most recognized brands such as Gerber’s, Crayola, Merck, P&G, Unilever, Avon and Goya have chosen Jomar to handle their packaging needs. More than half of the injection blow mold machines in use throughout the world today were built by Jomar.


What is the core business of Jomar?

Jomar’s sole business is injection blow molding. We make injection blow molding machines as well as the accompanying molds. This singular focus allows us to concentrate on our products and the needs of our customers.

Jomar has successfully completed 40 plus years. Can you explain about the long journey?

Jomar was incorporated in 1968 by Joseph Johnson and his wife Mary, thus the name Jomar. Joe was a design engineer for Wheaton Industries and was responsible for their injection blow molding department. Joe eventually left Wheaton, improved the machine and started Jomar.
The company he founded built the first commercially available and viable, completely integrated injection blow molding machines for the plastics industry. In 1978, Jomar was purchased by Inductotherm Industries of Rancocas, NJ, a privately-owned company, now known as IndelInc that has built more than half of the induction furnaces in the world. Today, Jomar is headquartered in a 42,000 sq foot facility in Southern New Jersey and has sold over 2,000 machines worldwide. The first Jomar machines were delivered in 1969 and some of the early Jomar models, even those from the 1970’s, are still in production and making bottles at this moment. This is attributed to the craftsmanship, simplicity and rugged construction Jomar has always upheld as its manufacturing principles. Jomars are not over-engineered and are built to serve the needs of processors while also keeping an eye out for innovation.

What are the machine capacities for Jomar produced so far?

Jomar builds injection blow mold machines from 20 to 175 tons, which can make bottles from 1ml to 4 liters.

What are the unique strengths of Jomar in (Injection Blow Moulding Machines) IBM?

There’s no substitute for experience. No other company has made more injection blow molding machines than Jomar.
Our forty five years of experience with injection blow molding makes us number one in manufacturing but our dedication to our customers is the key factor in maintaining our position as the industry leader. Rather than focusing on the sale, Jomar’s focus is on the overall success of the project - because we consider our customer’s success to be our own triumph and we have thousands of examples of successful projects and happy customers.
Our longevity as a company attests to our experience and history, but is also an indication of the future. You can be confident that if you buy an injection blow molding machine from Jomar, we will be here to provide support and assistance for as long as you have the machine. You should have no fear of Jomar disappearing and being left without any support.

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