When it comes to truly International Class PVC Products, the name Krishna Vinyls Limited (KVL) is matchless in its category. KVL has revolutionized the Vinyl Industry with the use of advanced technology and a high level of quality control.

An annual production capacity of 30,000 metric tonnes makes KVL the largest producer of PVC products in the country and Backward Integration in raw materials ensures uniform and consistent quality products.

Committed to excellence and with a vision to be the leading producer of PVC products in the world, KVL is poised for a quantum leap into the next millennium.

Products :
 Vinyl Floorings

Endura Unique and Endura Classic are flexible homogeneous vinyl floorings manufactured in accordance with international standards BSEN 649, ASTM, BS 476.
The Krishna Floor range excels in Spread of Flame test, Colour Fastness test, Thermal Conductivity, Chemical Resistance and all other tests specified by the governing standards.

Specially designed to resist electrostatic build up, ENDURASTAT is the ideal floor covering for areas like operation theatres, computer rooms, telephone exchanges, electronic manufacturing units and other electric sensitive areas. This range is available as Endura Anti Static, Endura Static Dispersive and Endura Conductive.

Endura Stud is heavy duty homogeneous flooring with anti skid properties.

EDC Elegant Designer Collection, printed flooring range in unique designs and color combinations.


Natural Collection high performance heavy duty flooring in Rock, Marble, granite and wood design.


 Rigid PVC Film

High grade Rigid PVC Film used for packaging in various industries. Rigid PVC Film range contains Non toxic film for food and pharmaceutical industry, High Impact thermoforming grade, Stationary grade 


 Flexible PVC Sheeting

This product finds uses in various applications that touch day to day life. Flexible PVC sheeting range contains Opaque Sheeting, Printed Film, Clear Transparent Film.


 Krishna Leather Cloth

Commonly referred to as artificial leather, is one of the largest selling KVL products. Leather Cloth is available as Sponge Leather, Un-foamed Leather and Coated Leather.

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