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Get access to the happenings of the entire week in the polymer markets of Europe in a single report. European Weekly Scan provides product-wise analysis along with graphs and price tables for various petrochemicals. Plant updates, market intelligence commentary and analyses are provided in a simple format for a better understanding of the ever-changing market scenario. The Polymerupdate European Weekly Scan is now available in a user friendly clickable and searchable portable document format (PDF). The Index page is click friendly and will directly lead you to the page of your interest.

The commentary covers both local and European markets.
Products Covered:
  1. PE
  2. PP
  3. PVC
  4. PS
  5. ABS
  1. PET
  2. Aromatics
  3. Feedstock
  4. Intermediates
  5. Others
Service Highlights:
  1. Weekly synopsis for all polymers
  2. Product-wise analysis with graphs
  3. Plant updates
Clients / Subscribers:
A must-have and indispensable service for individuals and organizations associated with polymers     markets across the world, particularly producers, converters, consumers, end users and traders.
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Many people when negotiating for cargo are now quoting from this website in India which has an unbiased and straight focus on market conditions. Excellent and precise information updated frequently.
-Kenji Tanaka (A polymerupdate visitor)
Seems like a very useful tool. Headlines appear very apt to provide leads for processors like 'Schwartz'.
-Miriam Schlein (Schwartz)