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The Asian Petrochemical Monthly Price Watch Report is a polymer market synopsis for the month, which is useful in making accurate price judgments in a highly volatile market subject to price fluctuations caused by factors such as unplanned shutdowns and scheduled repairs at global resin manufacturing facilities.

The report helps the trading community make precise trade decisions on the basis of prices obtained from confirmed trade sources.
Products Covered:
  1. All major commodity polymers
  2. Aromatics
  3. Olefins
  4. Feedstock
  5. Petrochemical Intermediates
Regions Covered:
  1. Far East Asia
  2. South East Asia
  3. South Asia
Service Highlights:
  1. Market news
  2. Price movement
  3. Graphical trends
  4. Plant updates

Clients / Subscribers:
A must-have and indispensable service for individuals and organizations associated with polymers     markets across the world, particularly producers, converters, consumers, end users and traders.  
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I visited and I am duly impressed. Many of my clients and subscribers are very interested in the plastics market activity in India. So any effort that produces reliable market data from your region of the world would be of great interest to me. appears to be an excellent location for capturing and disseminating plastics market data.
-Bill Wood, Plastics Market Economist, (Mountaintop Economics & Research, Inc. USA)
The polymerupdate site is Excellently designed and simply great in every respect. Each and every individual active in the field of plastics should thumb through this site.
-Shashikant Hegde (M/s Sewa medicals limited)