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LDPE (Low-Density Polyethylene) is extensively used in the production of juice cartons, parts of computer hardware, wire & cables, milk packaging and adhesive laminates. South East Asian countries have reported a higher production of LDPE owing to the augmented demand from domestic markets led by the construction and film and sheet sector. Large capacity additions in countries like Philippines and Malaysia are expected to meet the demand drive for LDPE. Polymerupdate brings the latest and most accurate LDPE reports and price assessments for South East Asia to assist you to make key investment decisions easily.
Register today to view real-time updates on prices, news and reports. Shown below is the price index for LDPE in FEA / SEA (Jan, 2016).
Far East Asia / South East Asia Prices for LDPE - 4 Jan 2016
Historical Prices (available with subscription)
Product Price 1 Month ago 3 Months ago 6 Months ago 12 Months ago
LDPE GP-Film CFR South East Asia
1065 0%
1080 1205 1350 1310
Polyethylene LDPE GP-Film CFR Far East Asia
1085 0%
1080 1175 1335 1190
  1. The price change is in comparison with previous day’s prices
Price Reportage (Basis and Location):
  1. CIF India (Grades covered: GP-Film, Heavy Duty, Milk Pouch, Injection, Lamination)
  2. CFR Far East Asia (Grades covered: GP-Film)
  3. CFR South East Asia (Grades covered: GP-Film)
  4. CFR China (Grades covered: Film)
  5. Offer prices in India, Nepal, Kenya, Nigeria, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Vietnam, China,
    Saudi Arabia, UAE (Dubai), Tanzania, Ghana
  6. FOB Middle East
  7. Europe contract prices*
  8. Europe spot prices - FD NWE
  9. US prices - FAS Houston
  10. US domestic prices - Delivered-railcar

  11.    *Countries currently covered: Germany, Italy, France, UK
LDPE Coverage:
  1. News Online
  2. Prices (South Asia, FEA / SEA, Europe,
    Middle East, US)
  3. European Weekly Scan
  4. Polymerupdate / Platts Joint Report
    (South Asia)
  5. Import Data Analysis Report
  1. News Archives
  2. Asian Weekly Scan
  3. Asian Petrochemical Monthly Report
  4. Import Data
  5. Polymerupdate Mobile App
Service Highlights:
  1. Real-time global LDPE industry news (breaking news, product news, plant updates)
  2. Pricing and graphical analysis
  3. India Import Data
  4. India Import Data Analysis Reports
Clients / Subcribers:
A must-have and indispensable service for individuals and organizations associated with polymers     markets across the world, particularly producers, converters, consumers, end users and traders.
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