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Price Reportage (Basis and Location):
CIF India
Offer prices in India, Pakistan, China
CFR Far East Asia
CFR South East Asia
Europe contract prices*
Europe spot prices - FD NWE
US prices - Delivered-railcar (Injection grade)
   *Countries currently covered: Germany, Italy, France, UK
ABS Coverage:
News Online News Archives
Prices (South Asia, FEA / SEA, Europe, US) Asian Weekly Scan
European Weekly Scan Asian Petrochemical Monthly Report
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Service Highlights:
Real-time global ABS industry news (breaking news, product news, plant updates)
Pricing and graphical analysis
India Import Data
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A must-have and indispensable service for individuals and organizations associated with polymers     markets across the world, particularly producers, converters, consumers, end users and traders.
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From the day we have joined we have found the content to be very useful. It has helped us a lot in our business activities. We are indeed grateful with your timely support.
-Rahul Abad (A Polymerupdate visitor )
Polymerupdate is a very good website, excellent and updated information which is a big help to us. Your team is doing a super job, please keep it up.
-Salman Ahmed Pai (Trans Continental Agencies)