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Polypropylene is one of the most versatile types of plastic. Within a short span of time, it has replaced engineering plastic in the automotive and appliance sectors. This commodity plastic has gained immense popularity due to its low density, balanced properties, and competitive cost structure. In South Asia, automobile and packaging are the main sectors driving demand for PP. The fast growth recorded in the automotive industry and a surge in demand for food containers have fueled the South Asian PP markets. Polymerupdate offers detailed Polypropylene (PP) analysis, plant updates and critical news coverage to help keep you updated about the many factors and developments affecting prices in the South Asia market.
Register today to view real-time updates on prices, news and reports. Shown below is the price index for PP in South Korea (Jan, 2016).
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CIF India Prices from South Korea for PP - 4 Jan 2016 Historical Prices (available with subscription)
Product Price 1 Month ago 3 Months ago 6 Months ago 12 Months ago
880 0%
970 1100 1340 1125
880 0%
970 1100 1340 1125
TQ Film Homopolymer
900 0%
990 1120 1350 1140
Block Copolymer
920 0%
1010 1140 1360 1150
Random Copolymer
940 0%
1030 1160 1380 1205
900 0%
990 1120 1330 1130
  1. The price change is in comparison with previous day’s prices
  2. All prices are in USD per M/T CIF India (Nhava Sheva)
  3. The price reports are based on information gathered from a cross section of the industry that includes resin producers, processors, traders and distributors.
  4. Standard repeatable orders’ form the base of the prices carried on the above section.
    (Standard repeatable orders are based on confirmed market deals)
Price Reportage (Basis and Location):
  1. CIF India (Grades covered: Raffia, Injection, Film, Block copolymer, Random copolymer, BOPP)
  2. CFR Far East Asia (Grades covered: Injection, Film, Block copolymer, Raffia, BOPP)
  3. CFR South East Asia (Grades covered: Injection, Film, Block copolymer, Raffia, BOPP)
  4. CFR China (Grades covered: Injection, Raffia)
  5. Offer prices in India, Nepal, Kenya, Nigeria, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Vietnam, China,
    Saudi Arabia, UAE (Dubai), Tanzania, Ghana
  6. FOB Middle East (Grades covered: Injection, Raffia)
  7. Europe contract prices* (Grades covered: Injection, Block copolymer)
  8. Europe spot prices - FD NWE (Grades covered: Homopolymer, Block copolymer)
  9. US prices - FAS Houston (Grades covered: Homopolymer, Block copolymer)
  10. US domestic prices - Delivered-railcar (Grades covered: Homopolymer, Injection)

  11.    *Countries currently covered: Germany, Italy, France, UK
PP Coverage:
  1. News Online
  2. Prices (South Asia, FEA / SEA, Europe,
    Middle East, US)
  3. European Weekly Scan
  4. Polymerupdate / Platts Joint Report
    (South Asia)
  5. Import Data Analysis Report
  1. News Archives
  2. Asian Weekly Scan
  3. Asian Petrochemical Monthly Report
  4. Import Data
  5. Polymerupdate Mobile App
Service Highlights:
  1. Real-time global PP industry news (breaking news, product news, plant updates)
  2. Pricing and graphical analysis
  3. India Import Data
  4. India Import Data Analysis Report
Clients / Subscribers:
A must-have and indispensable service for individuals and organizations associated with polymers     markets across the world, particularly producers, converters, consumers, end users and traders.
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