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Repsol links its fuel discounts to a unique multi-energy offer in Spain

27 Mar 2023

• As of April 1, the company will replace the discounts for refueling at its service stations with a new savings proposal for customers of its multi-energy product portfolio, which includes fuels as well as electricity, gas, solar and electric mobility.

• This innovative offer allows Repsol customers to have a single supplier to cover all their energy needs. In addition, they can accumulate savings in Waylet from 5 to 20 euro cents per liter of fuel on a permanent basis and 100% of the amount in electric recharges at the company's public points and service stations, depending on the number of energy services contracted.

• Repsol has created a single customer area at repsol.es where you can view and manage all the energy services contracted with Repsol, consult consumption in real time, download invoices, view accumulated benefits and contract new services, among other things.

• The discounts provided by Repsol since March 16, 2022 have allowed its customers to enjoy savings of close to 500 million euros to date.

Repsol announced the launch of a new connected energy program aimed at customers of its portfolio of energy products: fuel, electricity, heating, solar and electric mobility. This unique multi-energy proposition in Spain, which will come into effect on April 1, replaces the current fuel discounts, effective March 16, 2022.

The company's innovative approach links fuel discounts to customers contracting their energy products and paying for them through Waylet, its free payment and loyalty application, which has more than 6 million registered users.

Customers can achieve a discount in the form of a Waylet balance of up to 20 euro cents per liter of fuel on a permanent basis and 100% of the amount when recharging electric vehicles at the company's public points and service stations. These savings generated in Waylet can be used for future payments, either at service stations and electric recharging points, or on Repsol bills (electricity and gas), in the purchase of butane cylinders, diesel orders, gift cards and in any of the more than 4,400 establishments linked to the Waylet network.

In addition to accumulating savings, the company's customers also benefit from having a single supplier that covers all their energy needs. Repsol has always demonstrated its commitment to its customers through a unique value proposition and competitive advantages to offer them a differential global service.

These new Energy Plans, for which it is necessary to use Waylet as a means of payment, are:

• Car Plan: by refueling at Repsol service stations and recharging the electric vehicle at any of the company's public points, the customer accumulates a saving of 5 euro cents per liter of fuel and 3% of the amount of these recharges.
• Car and Light Plan: if, in addition to refueling, an electricity tariff is contracted, the savings increase to 10 euro cents per liter of fuel and 50% of the amount of the recharges made at any of Repsol's public points.
• Car, Light, and Heating Plan: accumulating refueling, electricity and, in addition, contracting one of the types of heating offered by the company (natural gas, butane, propane and heating oil), the saving is 15 euro cents per liter of fuel and 75% of the amount of refills made at public points Repsol.
• Car, Light, Heating, and Solar Plan: if the customer adds the installation of self-consumption solar panels with Solar360 or the connection to a Solmatch solar community to the above energy offer, the savings reach 20 euro cents per liter in fuel and 100% of the amount of the recharges made at Repsol public points.

To simplify the management of all contracted supplies, customers will have a single customer area on repsol.es where they will be able to view and manage all the energy contracted with Repsol, consult consumption in real time, view and download invoices, update personal data, track their purchases, view their benefits, redeem coupons, access help channels and sign up for new services. In addition, the company will create a specific space on its website that will bring together all consulting services, a savings calculator and content related to energy advice through a blog.
Repsol was the first operator to voluntarily establish the discounts, in addition to other discounts that its customers had already been enjoying for years, and which were also added to the state bonus. Following the Spanish government's announcement at the end of 2022 that it would not extend the discounts and would only offer bonuses to certain groups, the company decided to extend its discount of 10 euro cents per liter of fuel until the end of March 2023. So far, Repsol's customers have benefited from savings of close to 500 million euros, which have been fully covered by the company.

In addition, Repsol's worldwide activity resulted in the largest tax contribution in the company's history, more than 17 billion euros for the year as a whole, of which more than 70% was paid in Spain. Repsol is the Ibex 35 company that pays the most taxes in the country.

As of today, gasoline and diesel prices at service stations are below the prices set in March last year. In Spain, what really sets the price of fuels is not crude oil, but the international price of fuels, which are different markets, and taxes, which in our country account for almost half of the final sale price.

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